HoodPak — Great for all weather!

It's Hoodpak® Weather!

Be ready for any type of weather with HoodPak®. The only backpack with a built-in hood that remains invisibly tucked away until needed to protect you from sun, snow, rain or wind. Perfect for school, camping, backpacking, biking, hiking or any outdoor activity.

You're going to be outside today...
It's HoodPak® weather!

Featured HoodPak®

Hiking HoodPak

Hiking HoodPak®

Go further on your next adventure. Durable, designed sharply and ready for all weather.


Bike HoodPak

Bike HoodPak®

Cooler HoodPak

Cooler HoodPak®

Hiking HoodPak

Hiking HoodPak®

Sling HoodPak

Sling HoodPak®

Big HoodPak

Big HoodPak®

School HoodPak

School HoodPak®

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